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Are Paver Patios Expensive? Paver Patio Installation Tips.

Upgrading your landscaping around the home can be unknown territory for many folks. There are often many components involved in a backyard landscaping project, such as irrigation, plant material, drainage, proper grading, hardscapes, and more. One of the unknowns is how much things cost. Homeowners often worry that installing a paver patio is going to be out of their budget. That's not always the case!

How Much Do Paver Patios Cost?

Many homeowners wonder the same thing - "How much is a paver patio going to cost me?" Although there is not a fixed price for every type of patio, the typical range is $18-$23 per square foot, depending on what type of material and design you choose. Paver patio installations typically start right around $3,800 for a small patio. Larger projects can exceed $10,0000-$20,000+.

When choosing to hire a company to install your paver patio, make sure you understand what is included in the quote such as labor and materials, seating walls, fire pits, lighting, irrigation, grading, etc. Your paver installation company should provide you the details for your project and give you an accurate price.

Paver patios can help turn your space into your own private backyard oasis. Contact McBrayer Landscapes to get started on your backyard paver patio project today!

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