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Improve your lawn's soil with core aeration for a superior lawn!

Lawn Aeration Near Me

There's fewer ways to improve the condition of your lawn's soil than core aeration. 

Removing small cores from your lawn will help to reduce soil compaction and promote root growth for a healthier lawn! Lawn core aeration is one of the most important cultural practices for lawns in North Georgia. Our compacted clay soil inhibits the movement of air, water, and nutrients to the root system of our lawns.


Aeration helps to control thatch, improve soil structure, helps to create growth pickets for new roots, helps to control lawn disease, and opens the way for water and nutrients to reach your lawn's root system.

"I am very excited to give McBrayer Landscapes a hearty Five-Star rating for their service to our residence.  "


Betsy P. - Flowery Branch, GA


"I was impressed after talking to Kevin, and am happy that I went with the local business versus the big name providers. So far so good, my lawn is looking great!."

Tyler D. - Cumming, GA


Why Choose McBrayer Landscapes?

Our Guarantee

We offer a Personal, Iron-clad 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee!

Our Staff

Our staff is properly trained to provide superior core aeration services as well as to protect your property from damage.

Our Expertise

We have years of experience providing lawn care and core aeration service. You can rest assured that your core aeration service will provide full coverage for your lawn and help promote a better root system!

Our Process

From our initial arrival to completion of our core aeration service, our process is designed for a great customer experience and to give you a healthy, thick, and green lawn.

Our Equipment

We only use professional grade core aeration machines to pull deeper plugs.

Benefits of Core Aeration

Reduces Soil Compaction

Soil compaction inhibits root growth. By reducing compaction your lawn will grow thick and deeper root systems, making it more drought tolerant during hotter and dry periods.

Enhances Soil Water Uptake

Your lawn's soil is able to hold more water by reducing the soil compaction and allowing it to be available to your lawn's root system when needed.

Improves Fertilizer Uptake

Your lawn will be able to take better advantage of much needed fertilizer nutrients. When your soil is heavily compacted, these key nutrients from fertilization applications might not make it down to the root system as effectively.

Stronger Turf Roots

Core aeration improves the strength and resiliency of your lawn and its root system. Core aeration is one of the most effective cultural practices in improving your lawn's health.

Experience Our Difference

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