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Tips for Maintaining Your Sprinkler System

A well-maintained lawn and landscape can add value to your home. If you have a sprinkler system installed you'll want to make sure that it's functioning properly. Here's some tips to help you maintain it:

Why do you need to keep your sprinkler system regularly maintained?

Proper water distribution - Neglect of your sprinkler system can cause a range of issues. From dry spots on your lawn to obstructed sprinkler heads from bushes to unseen leaks and wasted water spraying onto driveways and roads, it really pays to inspect your system often for issue.

Yard safety - Sprinkler heads that are stuck in the up position after it finishes a cycle are a tripping hazard. Children or others walking in your yard may trip over the sprinkler heads. They can easily be broken or hit with a mower as well. When this happens you will waste a lot of water when the system runs. Regular maintenance will help to ensure that heads stay flush with ground level after the system is turned off.

How often should I inspect my system?

I recommend checking your system before scheduling in the spring and at least once a month while in use. You would be surprised at the issues that can happen within a month.

How do I inspect my system?

Run each zone and check each head for proper function. Make sure they are spraying properly and not over-spraying onto pavement, the home, etc.

Check for leaks. These should be fairly obvious. If you believe you have a leak and cannot find it, check your water meter and look at the leak indicator to see if water is moving through the meter. Verify that there is no water running inside the home before doing this.

Check for proper coverage. If you have dry spots on the lawn this could indicate a broken head or nozzle or the need for an additional sprinkler head for coverage.

Maintaining your system doesn't have to be a big ordeal. Minor adjustments to sprinkler heads can be easy for a homeowner to accomplish. The key is to check things regularly.

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