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Suwanee Koi Pond Company

Suwanee Water Features

Koi ponds and water features for relaxing backyards in Suwanee, GA.

Suwanee Pond Installation

Take your backyard to the next level with a Koi pond installed at your Suwanee, GA home. The combination of the sound of running water, movement, and its reflective qualities are what will impress all who visit your home. Ponds can bring a wide variety of fish, plants, and flowers into your backyard, while the sound of running water from a fountain can create a tranquil space to relax. McBrayer Landscapes can help design and install the perfect water feature for your space in Suwanee, GA. The design possibilities are endless, giving you a fully customized water feature that you won't see anywhere else.

Backyard Pond Builders Suwanee Ga

Suwanee, GA Water Feature Design and Installation


McBrayer Landscapes installs several types of water features to make your backyard dreams come true in Suwanee, GA.

  • Ponds - A backyard pond can help to create a place to relax at the end of a long day or to spend time with friends and family. A pond can be very large or small, depending on your preference and space. You can even add fish and plants to your pond for added enjoyment. When considering pond size, keep in mind that many of our customers wish they would have initially gone bigger with their pond.

  • Pondless Waterfalls - Pondless waterfalls are a great option for those that have some space, but not enough for a full pond. Kids also LOVE pondless waterfalls and they also pose less of a danger since there's no deep standing water.


  • Streams - A stream can help to create a natural look in your landscape. We can add this to your waterfall. A stream can meander through various areas of the landscape and create a really natural look.

  • Fountainscapes - Fountains offer the biggest selection and variation of water features. Most are smaller and perfect for fitting into small spaces. Some of the variations available are 3-tiered classic fountains typically seen at large estates, smaller single basalt columns, medium-sized spillway bowls, medium to large-sized stacked slate urns, fountains that incorporate fire, and more!

Water Feature Installation Suwanee GA

Suwanee Backyard Pond Installers


One of the best investments you can make in your backyard is to have a pond installed. The addition of a pond water feature in your Suwanee backyard will create a space for you to relax and allow the stress to melt away as you listen to the sounds of running water. Koi ponds naturally attract wildlife. Having nature this close to home with create a tranquil environment all your friends and family will love to enjoy. Your backyard will be the only space they want to hang out.


Koi Pond Installation in Suwanee, GA


You can have your new backyard pond designed to be the perfect habitat for fish. You'll spend hours enjoying watching the fish swimming and interacting in their environment. Kids will love watching and feeding the fish. Koi fish also help to keep the pond clean. Fish are the perfect addition for your backyard pond.


Suwanee GA Water Feature Installation


Let the pros at McBrayer Landscapes design and install a water feature that will meet your specific needs and create a relaxing environment for you to hang around. Whether you're interested in a simple fountainscape or you need a pond installed large enough to swim in, McBrayer Landscapes has the knowledge and ability to handle any size project. Call us today to build your dream! 

"I am very excited to give McBrayer Landscapes a hearty Five-Star rating for their service to our residence."

Betsy P. - Flowery Branch, GA

Suwanee Koi Pond Company

Benefits of Water Features

Bring Nature To Your Backyard


As soon as your water feature is installed, you will begin to notice an increase in wildlife activity on your property. Birds will visit. Dragon flies will zip through your backyard. Your backyard will no longer be a barren span of land, but rather a haven for beneficial wildlife. Creating a space that is inviting for wildlife will provide you endless hours of entertainment. You'll be doing your part in creating a new ecosystem that will give wildlife a place to thrive. In addition, new landscaping around the pond will bring your backyard into perfect harmony with the habitat around you.


They Create a Relaxing Environment


When you work long hours, it may seem impossible to get away to enjoy nature's soothing sounds. When we install a water feature at your home, we bring nature to you! We can create your backyard oasis by building a custom water feature to fit your needs and budget. Imagine being able to come home from work at the end of a long and stressful day and enjoying a glass of wine on your back patio while listening to the relaxing sounds of your water feature. Your day will melt away as you listen to your cascading waterfall and the sounds of nature. 

Fit Any Size Space


While you can have a large pond installed in a decent-sized backyard, don't dismiss the ability to have a water feature installed in a small space. A well designed pondless water feature or fountainscape doesn't require much space so you can still enjoy the sound of water and increased wildlife without taking up much precious space. These types of water features can often be added to an area that seems like a waste of space. Awkward spaces are often the best places to put a small water feature. You can turn the unused space into a beautiful focal point!

One-of-a-Kind Feature


Each water feature project is truly unique. We design for your needs and space. You will receive a water feature that you won't see anywhere else. Take pride in showing off your custom water feature to your friends and family.

Pond Company Suwanee, GA

"McBrayer Landscapes did an excellent job installing a custom landscape for our home! From start to finish Kevin (the owner) made several recommendations and we all agreed to one final layout. The project was completed on time, with high-quality products and service. Kevin kept us up-to-date on the project on a daily basis. I strongly recommend McBrayer Landscapes for any landscape project."

Ken L. - Buford, GA


Get Our Landscape Planning Guide

We've put a comprehensive Landscape Planning Guide together just for you! We've drawn from our more than a decade of industry experience to create this guide to help you during your planning process to create your dream landscape.

This guide will cover:

  • Landscape design process

  • Landscape construction process

  • Plantings, Hardscapes, Drainage, Lighting, Irrigation

  • Caring for your landscape and more!

Beautify Your Outdoor Living Space Today! 
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