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More Than Just a Job...

Explore Career Opportunities

Team Member

Start our as a team member with our company. Expand your skills as a technician. Grow yourself personally and professional. Learn what it takes to succeed. Develop leadership skills.

No experience to some experience. Less than one year to three years.

Wages: $27,000 - $32,000 per year.

Crew Leader

Team members who have mastered the skillsets needed to be a great technician and exhibit characteristics of being a leader will be promoted to crew leader.


Experienced in their duties as a technician. Have been with the company at least 1 year.

Wages: $29,000 - $41,000 per year.


Crew leaders who have exemplified traits of being a great leader, have mastered the skills required to be both a technician and a crew leader, and show adherence to all of our core values will be promoted to manager. 

Have been with the company at least 3 years.

Wages: $35,000 - $80,000 per year.

We don't just want to hire you to use your back, we also want your mind as well. You can be a part of something great. We need your help. While all positions don't currently exist, here's what we envision as we grow. Be a part of our team, contribute to our success, and help our company exceed and you will get the opportunity to advance and grow personally and professionally. You could be starting at the bottom and find yourself running the company one day.

  • General Laborer

  • Lawn Maintenance Technician

  • Lawn Care Technician

  • Landscape Installation Technician

  • Office Assistant

  • Crew Leader

  • Head Crew Leader

  • Sales Representative

  • Route Manager

  • Production Manager

  • Operations Manager

  • Sales Manager

  • Office Manager

  • General Manager

We Take Your Success Seriously

What Do I Need to Do to Be Successful?

Your success ultimately depends on you. It doesn't fall into your lap. No one will give it to you. You must work for it.


Do you want to be successful in life and business? We take success very seriously at McBrayer Landscapes. Success isn't just about money. It's about winning in every aspect of life. It's about persevering when things get hard, never taking our eye off the ball, and making sure we finish what we start out to do. It's about setting goals for ourselves that may seem unattainable, yet we break them down into smaller goals, and make progress towards achieving them everyday.

There are many traits you will need to develop in life to truly be successful. They all apply here as well. Two skills that you will need to learn in life to be successful is sales and managing people. To be an effective salesperson, you essentially need to be great at helping people find solutions to their problems. It's that simple. Effectively managing people requires great leadership skills. It's about inspiring passion in the people you manage.  

You must take ownership of your success. No one else can do this for you. Everyone has to start somewhere. Take ownership of your success and start today.

We're here to support you in your journey for success, however you define it. We're here to provide tools and resources to expand you knowledge base and skillsets.

Start Today

"In a year from now, you'll wish you had started today."

Become a Lifetime Student


Understand that you don't know everything. The more you know, the more you realize that you don't know much. Commit to becoming the best you. Continuing education should be a lifetime pursuit. 

Stick With It

Many people spend their entire lives jumping from job to job when things get difficult. Understand that in order to achieve success, you are going to need to stick to something for a long time. It often takes years to master a job. When you leave a job, you essentially have to start over again. This ends of becoming a vicious cycle for many. Opportunities can certainly present themselves at other companies. Sometimes you will outgrow a company where you're at if there's no opportunity for advancement. Sometimes employers won't value you or the place you work isn't a good fit. Don't burn bridges. Sometimes you need to stick it out and other times, it's time to move on to the next opportunity. Do your best to stick with something and master it.


Read Books 


The average person reads less than one book per year. Successful people often read 50 books or more per year. Take notes. Absorb the information. There is a plethora of great reading material to improve yourself. Don't know what to read? Check out the self-help  and business section on Amazon. Find books with many great reviews and read those. You can also find good reading lists with just a little bit of searching around the internet. There is also audiobooks and great podcasts that you can listen to while driving or at work. This is an excellent way to get educated.

Implement What You Learn

Just reading and learning isn't enough. You actually need to take action in your life. Put into place the things you learn reading. 

Learn To Create Value

Creating value means going above and beyond your pay grade. Go the extra mile. Take ownership. Get to know our business. Be familiar with our purpose, mission, and value statements. This shows your effort to understand our business and to use this information to regularly make decisions that positively affect our customers and our business. Take initiative to understand problems we face and create solutions. Problem solvers are value creators. Focus on making the company profitable.

Start Setting Goals

Everyone wants more in life.​ Start writing your goals down. Set a date you want to achieve these goals. Reverse-engineer the steps it will take to achieve these goals. Begin to work at them everyday. Over time, you will see progress.

Don't Settle for Mediocrity


Mediocrity is the result of staying safe and familiar. It means we’ve given into the fears of failure, judgment, and looking bad. You grow as a person and achieve greatness when you are uncomfortable and doing hard things. Don't settle for being average.

Work Harder

You must work hard everyday to achieve your goals. Success doesn't care if it's the weekend. Time will continue to pass you by. Prioritize and don't waste your time. Put in hard work every single day.

Be Patient

Success takes time. A long time. In todays world where we expect instant gratification, it can be easy to become discouraged when we aren't getting results quickly. You must have faith in yourself that the hard work everyday will pay off. People often overestimate what they can do in a day but underestimate what they can achieve in a decade. You will get results by working towards your goals everyday for a long time.

Be Persistent

You have to stick with something to get results. Don't get discouraged if you feel you aren't making progress. Keep at it and you will see results.

Persevere Through Difficulty

When things get tough, you might feel like quitting. Sticking with something and getting through the hard times will make it easier to endure hard times later on. 


Have Passion

It's easy to get burned out doing the same thing everyday. Don't lose sight of your goals. Develop a passion for what you do and helping others. This will give you purpose to push forward. Others will see your passion, and in turn develop passion for you.

Live the Core Values

At McBrayer Landscapes, we look to hire people who exhibit our core values. We also look to part ways with employees that do not live by them. We use our core values as a recipe for success, knowing that abiding by our core values will help is achieve our goals and ultimately a successful life and career.

You Life is Waiting:

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