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Alpharetta Irrigation Repair

Alpharetta Sprinkler Repair

We're your solution for all your sprinkler repair needs in Alpharetta, GA.

Step 1

Contact us to receive a ballpark estimate for repairs and schedule your appointment.

Step 2

We'll show up on time for your appointment, inspect the issue, and make repairs.

Step 3

With your sprinkler system now repaired, you can enjoy worry-free watering!

Alpharetta Sprinkler System Repair Experts

Has your sprinkler system broken down? Whether you need a simple tune-up or intensive repair, turn to the experts at McBrayer Landscapes of Alpharetta, GA. With upfront pricing, industry leading warranties, and a money back guarantee, we provide sprinkler system repair services on which you can rely. We’ve been in the business since 2009, so you can trust us when we say there’s nothing our team can’t handle. Call our experts now and get the problem solved today!

Alpharetta Sprinkler Repair

"Pleased to recommend Kevin McBrayer and his team.  He serviced my lawn system and found a leak that had been confounding me for months!  Honest work, good value, good man."

Bob K. - Milton, GA


Our Guarantee

We offer a Personal, Iron-Clad 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee!

Our Warranty

All sprinkler system repairs are covered by our industry leading three year warranty.

Our Expertise

We have years of experience maintaining sprinkler systems. You can rest assured knowing that your sprinkler system is maintained correctly.

Our Process

From our initial arrival, inspection of your system, and answering any questions you have, our process is designed for a great customer experience and to give you a sprinkler system that is will last for years to come.

Our Products

We only use professional grade sprinkler system products to complete your repairs. 

Schedule Your Sprinkler Repair Today!

Alpharetta Irrigation System Repair


McBrayer Landscapes is a leading provider of irrigation system repair in Alpharetta, Georgia. We are a full-service irrigation repair company and we specialize in repairing irrigation systems for residential and commercial customers in Alpharetta, GA. We can work on any irrigation system, including Rain Bird, Hunter, Irritrol, Toro, K-rain, Orbit, and more. Our service trucks keep many parts on hand to handle your sprinkler system repair.  If your existing irrigation is in need of repair, whether it's a broken pipe leak, faulty irrigation valve, or a rotor head that needs adjusting, we can help. Give us a call so we can get your Alpharetta irrigation system repair scheduled today!

Alpharetta Sprinkler System Repair


When it comes to expert irrigation system repair in the Alpharetta, GA area, you can count on the experienced team at McBrayer Landscapes. Our experience and knowledge, combined with our attention to detail, guarantees that you will receive professional irrigation system repair in a timely manner. Should you experience any problems with your sprinkler system repair, we stand behind our work with a one year warranty on repairs. Our warranty covers all parts and labor on irrigation system repairs. 

Alpharetta Lawn Sprinkler Repair

At our irrigation system repair company, we pride ourselves on being able to solve even the most complex irrigation problems. If you are having a problem with your existing sprinkler system , please contact our Alpharetta Irrigation Repairs Company today.

Schedule Your Sprinkler Repair Today!

Terms of Service

  1. We will contact you after you book your appointment to confirm day and time and answer questions.​ We will need a credit card to reserve your appointment. You will not be billed until work is completed!

  2. Upon our arrival, we will make our inspection and present you with a work order to sign for your approval prior to making repairs. In the event you decide not to complete any repairs for whatever reason, you will be billed for a $125 service fee.

  3. We schedule appointments in 2 hour time blocks to allow enough time to make any needed repairs. Sometimes the repairs are completed much faster than 2 hours. By chance that more time is needed to complete repairs, we may be able to continue beyond the scheduled 2 hours if there is time in the schedule. Otherwise, arrangements will be made to come back to complete the work.

  4. Quotes given over the phone are based upon info provided by customer. Actual price may vary. Quote does not include any additional labor or materials for repairs for any unforeseen or unknown issues. Additional issues found will be quoted separately.

  5. You must be present for the duration of the service/repairs unless prior arrangements have been made and the appointment fee pre-paid. There are no refunds for cancelled or missed appointments due to homeowner fault, i.e. forgot to leave door open, wrong entry code given or locked gates.

  6. Rescheduling - Email or call us if you need to reschedule. We ask that you contact us to reschedule with a minimum 48 hour notice.

  7. Weather - In the event your appointment occurs during weather conditions that are unfavorable to work in, we will call you to reschedule as soon as we know that weather will be impacting our schedule.

  8. Cancellation Policy - All cancellations must be via email. Cancellations must be made with a minimum 48 hour notice from your appointment time. Cancellations with a notice of 48 hours or less will be billed a $75 Missed Appointment Fee.

  9. Warranty - All repairs are covered by a full 3-Year Warranty (excludes freeze damage, lightening,
    impacts, acts of God, etc.).

  10. By booking an appointment, you agree to these terms of service.

Service Pricing


No one likes surprises. Below is a list of sample sprinkler repair jobs and some common repairs and pricing.

Free quotes can be provided over the phone based upon your description of the problem. If something is not listed on our price list, call us for a quote! All repairs are covered by our industry-leading 3-Year Warranty. If it fails (excluding things beyond our control e.g. impacts, lightning, debris in the water etc.) - we will fix it for free!

Don't see the service you're looking for listed below? Call us for a free over-the-phone quote!


20-Point Analysis and Tune-Up (CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO) - $125 (Up to 6 zones. $10/ea additional zone.)

  • Controller Check and Setting - 

  • Service Reminder - 

  • Valve and Piping Checkup - 

  • Head Service and Tune Up - 


The following service prices are when combined with our 20-Point Analysis and Tune Up Service. If you do not desire to have our 20-Point Analysis and Tune Up service performed on your sprinkler system and would only like a repair to be completed, there is a service fee of $90 plus the cost of repairs listed below.

  • New Sprinkler Systems - Click Here For More Info

  • Minor Repair of 4 Spray Heads (Replace Nozzles) - $40

  • Replacement of Gear Driven Rotor Head - $45

  • Raise a Buried Sprinkler Head - $25

  • Cap Off a Sprinkler Head - $25

  • Average Repair of a 1" PVC Pipe Without Roots - $110

  • Minor Electric Valve Repair (Replace Solenoid) - $60

  • 1" Electric Valve Repair (Standard Valve) - $175

  • 1" Electric Valve Replacement (Cut Out and Install New. Standard Valve.) - $250

  • Replace 1" Brass Below Grade Backflow Preventer - $400

  • Replace Indoor Controller (Up to 4 Zones) - $300

  • Add 3 Zone Expansion Module to Controller - $50

  • Add Wireless Rain/Freeze Sensor - $180

  • Move a Sprinkler Head - $75 minimum

  • Add a Sprinkler Head to a Zone - $190 minimum

  • Locate a Zone Valve - $75 minimum

  • Electrical Troubleshooting - By Quote

  • Water Pressure Troubleshooting - By Quote

  • Add a Zone to Existing Sprinkler System - By Quote ($1,750 minimum)


Pricing for Common Problems


Common Problems and Price to Repair (total cost out-the-door)

  • Fix a Leak - $250 - $450

  • System Won't Turn Off - $350 - $500

  • System Won't Turn On - $250 - $500 (Difficult repairs/system rewiring up to $950+)

  • Zone Won't Turn On - $250 - $500 (Difficult repairs/system rewiring up to $950+)

Sample Jobs


20-Point Analysis and Tune-Up

  • Controller Check and Setting - 

  • Service Reminder - 

  • Valve and Piping Checkup - 

  • Head Service and Tune Up - 

Cost - $125

Minor Repairs

  • Controller Check and Setting - 

  • Service Reminder - 

  • Valve and Piping Checkup - 

  • Head Service and Tune Up - 

  • Replaced Sprinkler Heads - 2

  • Repaired Sprinkler Heads - 4

Cost - $250

Major Repairs

  • Controller Check and Setting - 

  • Service Reminder - 

  • Valve and Piping Checkup - 

  • Head Service and Tune Up - 

  • Replaced Sprinkler Heads - 4

  • Repaired Sprinkler Heads - 5

  • Repaired Zones - 1

Cost - $525

Partial Rebuild​

  • Controller Check and Setting - 

  • Service Reminder - 

  • Valve and Piping Checkup - 

  • Head Service and Tune Up - 

  • Replaced Sprinkler Heads - 20

  • Repaired Sprinkler Heads - 14

  • Repaired Zones - 1

Cost - $1,175

Major Rebuild​

  • Controller Check and Setting - 

  • Service Reminder - 

  • Valve and Piping Checkup - 

  • Head Service and Tune Up - 

  • Replaced Sprinkler Heads - 50

  • Repaired Sprinkler Heads - 22

  • Repaired Zones - 4

Cost - $2,675

* Price good for sprinkler systems up to 6 zones in Cumming, Ga.

** Cities outside of Cumming add $35.

Ultimate Sprinkler Repair Hiring Guide

If you're looking to hire a sprinkler repair service, ​there's a bunch of them to choose from. How do you separate the good from the bad? Don't get taken advantage of by making the wrong choice.

This guide will cover:

  • How to compare sprinkler repair companies

  • How to protect yourself from liability

  • Guarantees and warranties

  • Sprinkler repair costs and more!

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