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No-Risk 20-Point Sprinkler System Analysis

One of our experienced technicians performs a 20 point precision Irrigation System Test and Tune-up which includes the following...

Sprinkler Head Service and Tune-up

  • Test all sprinkler heads for proper height and spray pattern.

  • Adjust all spray heads for optimal coverage.

  • Test all stations for sticking or leaking pressure seals on heads.

  • Test sprinkler heads for proper location and minimal interference with plant material.

  • Adjust sprinkler heads for minimal water waste.

  • Check all spray heads for clogged nozzles and filters.

  • Clean sand or debris from any plugged sprinkler nozzles.

  • Check all rotating heads for proper rotation.

Control Valves & Piping Checkup

  • Test irrigation valves and stations for proper operation including opening and closing.

  • Inspect system for main supply line leaks.

  • Test all stations for leaking piping and control valves.

  • Inspect for proper system pressure.

  • Check for missing valve box lids and covers.

  • Check any low pressure stations for improperly adjusted control valves.

Main Controls Inspection and Scheduling

  • Test irrigation controller for proper cycling of irrigation zones.

  • Check for controller backup battery.

  • Check rain sensor connection at controller.

  • Check for any loose wires at controller.

  • Recommend an irrigation schedule for the controller (if requested).

  • Program irrigation controller (if requested).

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